Tina Tina

Tina’s Words….

Almost 2 years ago, I signed up for boot camp strictly to relieve some stress and lose a few pounds. It took me several years to put on 40 pounds, so I went in knowing it would take just as long to get it off. Most of you know I’m an identical twin – another reason I joined boot camp. My identical twin sister, Lina, is a size 4. So, you can imagine the comments, “You can tell them a part, Tina is the bigger twin.” I blew it off because I’m a very positive person and didn’t let comments like that bother me. It was the truth – I was BIGGER!

Boot camp started to change my mind set. Cliff Latham and his team inspired me to be stronger and better in every category of my life. And that attitude about not caring I was the bigger twin, it began to change. I decided to work harder, change my nutrition and commit to coming 5 days a week.

The last 3 boot camps, my body has changed drastically. I’m happier, more confident and love when people think I’m Lina! She’s truly my inspiration! We are built the same, so she’s my cheerleader to get to size 4. I’m in a size 6 from 10′s and 12′s – and I have muscles in places I never dreamed up.

And yes, I’m a proud owner of a pooch-free stomach. The best part of this whole experience is when Coach Cliff and his team noticed – they told me to keep up the good work and that they were PROUD! As women, we all need to hear those words to believe it. I look in the mirror and say “SELF” you do matter and you deserve to look the BEST that you can. Today, I’m still a positive person, just a new body and a new attitude on life!