Penny Penny

Penny’s Words….

“How many times do you wake up, look in the mirror, frustrated by the way you look, suffocating from your clothes being too tight, start the day off with the “I’m going to eat better attitude”, and at the end of the day you lay in bed going over your stressful day and all the “stuff” you put in your mouth for comfort? Just to wake up the next morning to repeat the same cycle over and over.

Ever been there?

I have.

And more than once I might add. You want to lose enough weight so that you can at least fit back into your clothes that are stuffed way in the back of your closet, feel better about yourself and self-esteem, and improve your health. Wanting and doing are two different things. You just don’t have the time, or the energy, or there is so much going on right now in your life. Maybe…tomorrow. Do these words sound familiar? They’ve come out of my mouth justifying my situation.

“My name is Penny Jackson, 44 years old, and I want to encourage you to stop wanting and start doing!

First, think back when you really wanted something and went after it. My guess is it wasn’t always easy and it took time, but your determination and focus kept you going until you attained it. Let’s face it ladies. We as women find time in our days to do whatever is important that we want to do. College Station Boot Camp is from 5:30 – 6:30 A.M. Yes, that a.m. means early in the morning. But women of all ages gather together, work out, encourage each other, push each other, and applaud each other. And is it hard? Yes. Does it take time? Sure it does. But we are finished and back home before, before the “wake up, look in the mirror, frustrated by the way you look” – scenario starts all over for you again.

On top of getting to wake up and finish your workout early, how about the added bonus of REALLY learning about nutrition? How your body is suppose to use food, besides storing it from the waist down! I am not knocking how anyone is eating or what “plan” you are on, because I have already been there, done that. But this is absolutely the first time that eating makes sense. Another added bonus is when you eat like you are taught along with the exercise, not only will you feel better, look better and begin to see results, you won’t have those “cravings” to clean out the pantry. It’s amazing!

“So what are you waiting for! Don’t “want” another day. Start “doing” by filling out the registration and getting it turned in to College Station Boot Camp. Then go ahead and set that alarm and be prepared to meet other women who didn’t know 5:30 existed except at dinner time.

You’ll be encouraged and supported as you finish one day at a time, and before you know it the four weeks are over, and you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without boot camp and the nutrition knowledge before. I look forward to seeing you soon!