Pam Pam

Pam’s Words….

My entire life photo album has been crowded with pictures of a chubby girl. Growing up, my family would always give me a cushion and say that I was “big-boned”. While I told myself the same thing, I was hurting inside. I’ve never been the athletic type. After high school, I managed to slim down for the first time in my life.

That’s when I met my husband, Max, a fresh-out-of-training Navy guy with a love for the outdoors and all things active. He’s the kind of guy that can pick up any sport and become a pro in a day. After two years of our outdoor adventures and action-packed vacations, I somehow found myself 30 pounds heavier. It was a battle I’d been fighting my entire life, and was once again losing. While Max had the metabolism of an energetic child, I was not so lucky. Each time Uncle Sam would move us to a new duty station, I would get off the workout bandwagon and spend far too long looking for a new gym where I fit in. I finally had enough when I saw the scale creep too far. I had gained a total of 45 pounds since I met Max and cringed every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

With a deployment in sight, we planned to purchase our first home in College Station so I could finish school while Max finished up his time in the Navy serving in Iraq. I saw this deployment as my perfect opportunity to get fit. I had picked up a copy of the Best of the Brazos Valley and spotted an article about Cliff Latham’s College Station Bootcamp. I checked out the website and read a few stories of women whose lives had been changed by this bootcamp. It was then that I realized, “this is my perfect opportunity…what could be a better surprise for Max than to come home from Iraq to a hottie wife?”

Shortly after Max headed out, I registered for my first bootcamp. I was extremely nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew this was the best option for me. I went to the first nutrition session and heeded every word of advice Cliff had to offer. I decided that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. After the first month of bootcamp, not only did I see improvements in my weight, but I felt healthier, more confident, and made new friends. After seeing this progress, I decided to make a commitment and go platinum. I purchased five months of bootcamp.

Shortly thereafter, I began accomplishing things I never thought possible: I ran my first 5K, I was increasing my dumbbell weight, and my mile times just kept getting shorter and shorter, not to mention the improvements I was seeing on the scale. My life was changing. I felt happier more often and really started feeling good about myself again. I was becoming an athlete. The toughest part of all of this was keeping it a secret from Max. But, all the ladies out at bootcamp would cheer me on and keep me going. He would call every other week and we would update each other with how things were going. I would just smile and think of all that I was doing but couldn’t say.

The time finally came to welcome him home in April. I awaited anxiously at the airport in a shapely little white dress, 35 pounds lighter than last time I had seen him. When he came around the corner, his jaw dropped and neither one of us could stop smiling. He just kept asking, “What did you do?!?” and giddily made a few other comments like, “You look like a super model!…a toothpick!” You couldn’t slap that smile off of his face, or mine! The reunion was everything I hoped for and so much more.

Bootcamp has now become my addiction. I know that as long as I live in College Station, I will be at bootcamp every morning at 5:30! I have made a lifelong commitment to my health. I know it is something I will have to actively work towards to keep the weight off and feel healthy. I bring Max to the afternoon camp occasionally just to give him a taste of how hard I worked. It feels good to see my athletic husband exhausted after our workouts, knowing that I’ve been doing them for six months now.

If you need to make a healthy change in your life, this is it! Come out to bootcamp and join us. I promise you’ll feel healthier, stronger, more athletic, and make some new friends. Come change your life for the best!