Lona Lona

Lona’s Words….

40 lbs. Gone and Counting….A Work in Progress!

Let me begin this by letting you know my background…I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. I’ve weighed more than 200 lbs since 5th grade. Growing up, if I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times, “She has such a pretty face…if she would just lose some weight, she would be beautiful…” Ugh!

Since high school, I have tried every crazy diet and diet pill you can imagine…I’ve traveled to see “diet” doctors in Houston, Dallas, and Waco….looking for that perfect concoction that would “fix” my problem….I even visited a small town doctor with chickens in the waiting room (his front lawn), looking for the perfect pill that would make the fat go away. Most recently, I contemplated weight loss surgery…fortunately, my husband said, “Hell, no!” to that. All along, I knew the right answer to my problem was proper nutrition and exercise, but I, like many women I know, was looking for an easier way out.

In April 2008, at the insistence of two really good friends, I signed up for Cliff Latham’s Adventure Boot Camp for Women. I completed two camps, but stopped after the second camp. This was a mistake. In April 2009, I again got the courage to join boot camp. I cried the first day I came back…it was so emotional for me. I missed everyone and I realized that I wasted an entire year of my life. This time, I am sticking with it. Since April 2009, I have lost 40 lbs and gained much more self confidence. I have a lot more weight to lose, but with the moral support of Cliff and his team, I know that I will reach my goal. My goal is not to be thin, my goal is to be stronger and healthier. I’m still working on the nutrition part, it is a struggle every day, but I do make healthier food choices now. I’ve come to realize that exercise and proper nutrition isn’t something that you do for a limited time. It has to be a lifetime commitment. If you’re tired of fad diets and diet pills, give boot camp a try. It may change your life as well.