Laura Laura

Laura’s Words….

We are all getting older. For women around my age, that means lots of changes, both good and bad and almost all of them met with resistance because change is hard!!

Hi. My name is Laura Case. My family has lived in College Station since 1985. My husband is a pediatric dentist and orthodontist. We have raised four children, two of whom are married and have given us three precious grandchildren.

I am 55 years old and realizing how short life truly is.

The last ten years have been a roller coaster ride. I entered the stage of life when hormones and emotions go crazy, weight creeps up because of being tired, tired, tired. Headaches were almost a daily occurrence and I was taking ibuprophen like candy. Because exertion made my head hurt and also brought on what I call “my attacks”, I avoided physical activity where I would become overheated, tired, or sick. I was also a junk foodaholic and would crave fatty and sweet things all day every day. My teenage children never knew what kind of mood I was going to be in! They actually told me I was scary!

Many of the clothes in my closet became unwearable because I had gained weight, especially in my hips. I hated clothes shopping because I was needing to buy things in a size I did not want to be in!!

What I have described is probably considered normal for women my age. But I didn’t like it and I wanted to do something about it.

The prospect of living the rest of my life with a receding energy level, an increasing girth, and a sour attitude was not what I envisioned for myself.

I had watched my mother become old at a very young age – in fact by the time she was 55 (my age), she looked and acted elderly. I know she didn’t feel good, but with the knowledge that we now have about how excercise, proper nutrition, and getting your hormones in balance will enhance the quality of life, I knew I didn’t have to follow the same path.

I want to enjoy playing with my grandchildren and I want them to have memories of a vibrant grandmother.

A couple of my friends told me about Cliff’s boot camp, so I decided to try it. My first camp was in January of 2008. My only expectation was to lose weight.

I had no idea how many more benefits were awaiting me. Let me just say that this bootcamp has changed my life in so many ways, and you need to know that weight loss, though it seems very important, really pales in comparison to the other benefits.

By the end of my first camp I noticed that I was having fewer headaches, my mood was much more stable and I just felt better. By the end of the second camp, I was able to do yard work without making myself sick! My body was getting stronger. Wow!! Also, I have always had bad allergies during the spring.

This year, my allergy problems were almost non-existent!!!

I attribute it to my immune system becoming stronger through exercise and better nutrition. Did I expect this? No!! I could go on and on. And yes, I have lost some weight, inches, and I like clothes shopping again! And my kids and husband like the nicer and less moody mom and wife!

Bootcamp each morning has become a way of life for me.

I plan to continue because I feel younger, stronger and more alive than a year ago. The workouts are a challenge but the feeling of accomplishment you get each day is a “high” in itself.

Cliff is a knowledgeable and world-class trainer who is personable and makes each person feel good about themselves and what they are doing. We are very fortunate to have him in College Station! Bootcamp is so worth it.

Please at least give it a try – it might just change your life, too!!