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Charlotte’s Words….

How many times have you spent hundreds of dollars on a gym membership because “You’re really gonna do it this time!” Did you ask yourself how come you didn’t lose any weight? ( after all you did paid for it and you did show up…….a time……..or two?

I have always been the ugly duckling, the girl in school who NEVER had a date and well?………..there were lots of tears I can’t tell you how much money I have spent trying to lose weight to only gain more. I have tried every gimmick, every magic pill, and even surgery.

It wasn’t until a guest in my salon told me about College Station Bootcamp, that I FINALLY found out exactly how to do it. At first I was very nervous, I mean.. bootcamp? What am I getting myself into? After all, thats what you do in the military, right? I’ve seen that on TV and ugh……..???? Well, let me tell you, This has been the BEST thing I have ever done. First off, before camp started, Cliff held a nutrition seminar in the Fitness Together Studio. I learned more about nutrition in that one hour than I have in my entire life. This was not about the food pyramid that we learned about in high school, this is HOW and WHY food works in your body, and WHY exercise is a MUST

On my first day of Bootcamp, I was hooked!! I’ve met the most incredible people of all shapes, sizes and ages and they are a constant source of inspiration and motivation. (remember, there is STRENGTH in numbers) I never ever thought I could exercise, I didn’t know how to do it or how much to do it. I now find myself “flying” out of bed to make sure I get to Camp on time. I have enjoyed myself so much that easily has become a habit. I never figured myself to “one of those”. ( You know those people who “live” to workout? because I know they had to have been born that size!!) But heres the best thing about it, before I realized what was going on, I WAS LOSING WEIGHT and INCHES!) I have now signed up for a YEAR of bootcamp. I can’t imagine my life without this! I eat better, sleep better, my stress level is history, I am a better boss at work and a better wife at home. ( my husband even reads labels now!)

The most valuable information that I have learned from Bootcamp is that you cannot do it with diet alone!! DIET AND EXERCISE MARRY EACH OTHER!. Oh sure you can lose weight by starving yourself……… just gain it back………plus some, when you start eating again. I have learned that diet and exercise go together and I learned WHY that is.

I show up for camp everyday and eat about six times a day. ( I hear you!!! you’re saying you don’t have time to ear six times a day.) My Mom used to tell me “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. I am a VERY busy person, and run successful business, and if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!!! It doesn’T cost more to eat right, it just takes a little planning.

My life has forever changed because of what I have learned from being a part of the College Station Bootcamp, and I would like to invite YOU to be a part of it!!!
If I can do it……..anybody can do it!!! What are you waiting for?

“Life is not about spontaneous combustion……..its about setting yourself on Fire.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!