Becky Becky

Becky’s Words….

I decided to join College Station Adventure Bootcamp when my husband was on deployment in Iraq.

When he left I made the decision I wasn’t going to spend the next year of my life upset that he was gone.

That wouldn’t help me and that definitely wouldn’t help him.

So I decided to spend the year he was gone to really work on myself. One of my goals was to become a more athletic person. I wanted to:

Lose a little weight,
Get healthy, and
Feel better about myself.

I went to the College Station Boot Camp website and almost signed up about a dozen times!!! But every time I had some reason NOT to do it.

“I’ll never be able to keep up.”
“I can’t wake up that early every day.”
“I’m not athletic enough to do this.”
“I can’t even run a mile!”

After about a month of debating with myself, I finally signed up my first camp in September 2009.

I was SO nervous at Cliff’s initial nutrition session, but I really tried to pay attention so I could make some changes in the way I eat.

The next morning at the first day of bootcamp I was so nervous! My stomach was in knots and I had to force myself to get out of my car.

All the trainers and other women were so nice, I felt very welcome. Cliff always emphasizes that whatever level you are at is OKAY. As long as you keep moving, you are doing SOMETHING.

I have never felt left behind or like I don’t belong.

By the end of that first camp, I had taken over 2 minutes off my mile time, become stronger, and lost 5 lbs! I was hooked!!!

I decided to take the plunge and signed up for the year long platinum membership.

I am now finishing my 4th bootcamp and I LOVE it!

It has become something I look forward to every day! I’m excited at the beginning of each camp to see what I can accomplish!

I have lost 20 lbs, improved my mile time, gone up in dumbbell weights and I feel so much better.

I ran my first 5k in January and I was able to run the whole thing!

I now feel like an athlete and it is awesome!

If you are thinking about trying out College Station Adventure Bootcamp, JUST DO IT!

Forget that voice in your head telling you all the reasons you can’t and show yourself that you CAN!

I’ll be there to support you!