My Philosophy is simple: To give you the best methods, to build the best life, in the safest most effective manner that science, medicine and your commitment have to offer.

  • I believe that EVERYONE is an athlete.
  • I believe that EVERYONE should use medications to treat disease for a short term, not used for life
  • I believe that EVERYONE should be able to do anything in life they choose to do.
  • I believe no one is too old to start, improve or begin living life to the fullest even if you are 50, 60, 70 or 100 years old.

You now have Three choices:

Option 1:
Move away from health. If you do nothing, inflammation, physical deterioration, fat accumulation, and degeneration will continue to move you and your condition(s) toward advanced disease.

Option 2:
Better your health. Treat you the way you feel through appropriate intervention, a rapid reduction in symptoms, restoration of normal function (and beyond), and a sense of heightened power and self-esteem moving yourself back towards an optimum state of health.

Option 3:
There is no option 3. Every day, you are moving either towards or away from your fulfilling life.