My Knees Hurt… What Shoes Should I Buy?

Shoes would be the last step to getting a runner’s knees better. 

If the problem is not corrected, the shoes will actually make the problem worse. It would be better to come in and do a consultation and evaluation with a corrective specialist and see what muscles are pulling and see where the muscle imbalances are. Then the specialist can start to correct the main issue before any other issues become a factor.

A specialist will work on the issues and get them healed FIRST, and then the shoe will be more helpful and the running more beneficial.

New runners especially have this problem because it means their bodies are changing to allow them to run.

The more strengthening the muscles have to do, the more tight they will become and the weaker muscles will just become more weak.

That sets up the dangerous muscle imbalance. Scary when you are trying to do something GOOD for your body!

It is important to stretch the glutes, hamstrings and quads and lower back, calves,Achilles and lats. That may help with some of the knee pain and foot pain. A golf ball to the feet after running to keep the feet from cramping is a great idea.

Staying hydrated on the run will also help with soreness.

To read about the Corrective Specialist that I visit, Mary Campise CLICK HERE.