Hydration, Heat and Long Runs…

Hey – Coach Kevin here.  Congrats to everyone on a great run yesterday. If you aren’t already really thinking about hydrating, it’s time!  Here are some tips I’ve used over the years that can help you:

1.     Freeze a bottle the night before and leave it along your route about ½ way in.  You can take a magic marker and mark the bottle lid and plastic piece below the lid to ensure your bottle hasn’t been tampered with by the time you get to it.  (don’t forget to go back later and get it.)
2.     Be sure to hydrate well the day/night before.
3.     In this heat, you might find that mixing Pedialyte in your water gives you a real boost.
4.     One secret I learned from the UCLA Tennis team, is mixing Pedialyte and Gatorade together – yup – sounds like an overdose, but you’ll be surprised how depleted your body gets in this heat on super-long runs.  We use that recipe cycling too.
5.     If you would like to consider taking a bottle on the run with you, there are several options at: http://www.runningwarehouse.com/.

Coach Kevin Scroggins